How To Repair and Fix Paintball Guns: 7 Easy Steps

if you are looking for how to repair and fix paintball guns then you land at the right place.

There are many unpredictable pieces of equipment that arise in Paintball Guns. Some players use these guns for years hustle free but some face problems if they do not maintain them regularly.

Many problems with paintball guns are very common and can be fixed without any effort. The following tips are the possible problems that can be fixed with a Paintball Gun.

Leaking Issue in the Barrel of the Gun:

The repair is often a little more difficult when air is leaking down the barrel of a paintball gun.

  • You can easily try to fix this problem by putting some drops of oil or lubricant as mentioned in the manual into the ASA (Air Source Adapter) of the gun and then screwing in the tank to check if the problem is fixed or not.
  • If you feel the leakage again then the problem most likely is caused by a worn cup seal. To do this, replace the cup seal for your gun and follow the instructions in the gun manual.

Leaking Near the ASA (Air Source Adapter):

When you tight the screw in the gas tank of a paintball gun and find that there is a significant amount of air leaking around the air source adapter (ASA) fitting, the common problem mostly comes from a damaged O-ring.

So you can fix this problem by replacing the O-Rings as mentioned in the user manual.

Leaking from the Front of the Gun:

Repair and Fix Paintball Guns

If air leaks from the front of the gun, below the barrel, the most common cause is a poor quality O-ring in the front volumetric.

  • To fix this, simply unscrew the volumizer and replace the O-ring on the volumizer.
  • Put a thin layer of oil or lubricant on the O-ring, and then replace the volumizer.

Empty Air Tank:

To avoid recocking, simply replace the empty air tank with the filled one.

  • If that is not the problem, make sure that your gun is clean inside and outside from the dirt.
  • The hammer and bolt may be choked if the previous paintball was broken inside and the chamber is not working properly.
  • You can fix this by cleaning out the chamber and making sure that all the internals are properly lubricated with oil.
  • There might be a pressure issue on the hammer if the Paintball guns may also fail to recock. You can also replace the hammer spring if revoking continues.

Multiple Firing:

Sometimes when the trigger is pulled then the gun fires two or more times before recocking, such a condition is called “Double firing”.

  • It significantly reduces the accuracy and range of your shots as the balls hit each other on the way out.
  • Most of the time, this happens when the air tank is low, So replace your empty air tank with the filled one.

Fix the Ball Dent Issue:

It entirely depends upon the size and diameter of the barrel.

  • If you have a large-diameter barrel as well as small-diameter paintballs, they may roll down.
  • Most of the time, the ball detent is worn out and must be replaced. To do this, you must follow the instructions for the paintball gun model you are using.

Fix the CO2 Leakage Issue:

Do you want to know how to fix a paintball gun leak? The CO2 gas creates pressure that allows the paintball gun to fire at high velocity.

  • Gas may leak because the gasket on the gas cartridge is damaged or the air source adapter (ASA) is not screwed on properly. This can be remedied by making sure that the sealing ring is intact, the ASA column is in place and the components are well lubricated.
  • Damaged or worn O-rings are the most common cause of leaking CO2 gas in paintball guns. If CO2 is leaking from your gun then there is a need to replace the O-Ring.
  • The function of O-rings is throughout paintball guns as a seal to prevent air from leaking out of the gun.
  • These allow the air to reach the pressure required to fire the gel capsule in the gun. These rings need to be attached properly to avoid the leakage of gas.
  • The two most common areas where you can expect leaks are on the front of the gun and down the barrel of the gun as we discussed earlier.
  • The CO2 cylinder must fit the gun correctly to ensure proper gas transfer and functional firing.

Final Verdict on How to Fix A Paintball Gun that won’t Shoot

When a passionate paintball gamer is playing with his friends, he does not want any interruption during the game.

You want to make sure your equipment can pull in the most efficient way possible, and that means no leaks!

We have tried to cover almost every aspect of Fixing problems in the Paintball gun. We hope it will add some knowledge for you.

First, make sure that you carry out cleaning or maintenance work according to the instructions in the user manual.

Secondly, before every paintball match, make sure you oil the O-ring at the front and back.

Remove the CO2 tank first after using the paintball gun and avoid using chemical cleaners or abrasives to clean it.

Thanks for reading!

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