How to travel with a Paintball Gun?

If you are a paintball lover and do not know how to travel with a paintball gun. then we can help you with a step-by-step guide of rules and regulations.

  • Due to its high demand and craze, many national and international tournaments are played. It is one of the most exciting outdoor activities in the USA and UK as well.
  • It is very popular among team building, parties, and friends. However, traveling with a paintball gun in different regions of the USA and the UK can be a bit tricky without sufficient planning and preparations.

[Remember]: If you travel by air with your Paintball gun, then you must need to know the complete rules and regulations to pass through the security. These instructions will definitely ease you to travel with all your paintball gear.

  • Firstly, paintball Guns are not considered firearms by the rules of the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration).
  • Secondly, you are not allowed to take your paintball gun in your carry-on bags.

Rules and Regulations of TSA (Transport Safety Administration):

For taking your paintball gun with you, you should know the following tips and rules of TSA to avoid any complications.

  • First of all, print out all the TSA official rules and regulations from the official website for the state and/or country you are traveling from and to. This will surely help you to clarify with TSA officials that you are able to travel along with your paintball Gun.
  • Now, you should write down every component that you are bringing with you as part of your paintball travel gear.
  • Make sure to tell the TSA about your paintball gun so that they might be able to check your bag quickly if they choose to do so.
How to Travel with a Paintball Gun

Rules and Regulations of CAA (Civil Aviation Authority):

  • As per the CAA rules, you can legally take paintball on an aircraft but remember, you must declare the officials about your paintball gun during check-in.
  • You can only take the paintball gun as carry-on luggage included in the checked baggage. The law requires a visual inspection of air tanks to make sure that they are empty.

Check the Rules and Regulations of the Airline on which you Travel:

  • First of all, Check the airline guidelines and rules on which you are flying for paintball guns.
  • Remember that Paintball guns are allowed in checked baggage and are not subject to the container requirements of firearms.
  • You must declare the paintball gun to officials at the airport security counter.
  • Make sure to remove all the gas from the air tank of the paintball gun as it is allowed in checked baggage or as a carry-on by ensuring the regulator valve is completely disconnected from the cylinder if it’s empty.

Rules and regulations in UK Based Airlines:

  • Take note that you cannot carry paintball guns as hand luggage in most UK-based airlines, but some allow them as checked luggage.
  • Before traveling, you need to confirm with the airline as British Airways do not allow you to carry any firearm that might consider hazardous for human contact in the carriage or your hand baggage. However, you can bring along your paintball gun but in the checked baggage.
  • Make sure to notify about the Model, specification, and quantity of your paintball gun to the airline at least 72 hours before.
  • You should inform the customer service of the airport about the ammunition or a paintball gun you carry with you.
  • TUI, Ryanair, and Virgin Atlantic Airways do not allow the transportation of paintball guns including compressed air or CO2 guns in either your checked-in or carry-on luggage.
  • do not allow any firearms or sports-related weapons of any type on board.
  • Norwegian UK also prohibits traveling with a paintball gun in your carry-on baggage but allows you in checked luggage when approved.

Rules and Regulations of Airlines in Different Countries:

  • As you know, paintball guns are legal in most countries but some regions have specific restrictions against traveling with these items.
  • If you want to travel hustle free in different regions with your paintball guns, then you need a paintball marker license if you stay in that places where it is considered a weapon. You will have to fill out an application document and pay a fee to obtain the legal license for a paintball gun.
  • In Wales and England, items below 12 feet do not require licensing.
  • Northern Ireland considers paintball guns as firearms. For this, you have to obtain a license from the government.
  • Now, the Scottish government also introduced air weapons licensing to avoid any complications for customers.
  • Australia considers paintball markers as soft air weapons, and their rules are different for different guns.
  • France has a limit of using air guns with around 20 Joules Muzzle energy or below. Above this limit, you must have a shooting license.
  • Some the countries like Argentina do not allow paintball guns and consider the paintball game as inappropriate violence.
  • South Carolina considers the paintball gun an illegal weapon and its usage in any park or facility.
  • In many districts of Colombia, you can only take your paintball gun only in the licensed shooting areas.

How To Travel With a Paintball Gun? Here are Some Tips :

The most common question arises in the mind of players is that how to Pack Your Paintball Gun for a Plane Ride.

So here are a few handy tips on how you can safely pack your paintball gun!

  • First of all, separately pack your paintball gun’s parts to avoid any complications and scratches. In the case of an electronic paintball gun, the hopper is the most important component of your gear, so it’s very important to store it safely in a good-sized container.
  • Another important tip is to take out all the batteries of your electronic hopper. It will surely prevent any leaks and complications from happening during your flight.
  • Use hard cases for your electronic market to cover and protect it from any external force.
  • You can also use hard cases and padded divisions for the remaining components of the paintball gun including the air tank to avoid any unnecessary breakage or leakage.

Final Verdict:

We have tried our best to cover all the necessary aspects in an easy step-by-step guide regarding how to carry and travel with your paintball gun.

Now you can enjoy your traveling on almost any airline with your paintball gear and not worry about getting stopped and questioned.

I hope it will add some information to your knowledge.

Thanks for reading!

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