Anodizing the Paintball Gun: A Step-By-Step Guide 2024

If you want to change the color of your paintball gun, then you are in the right position.

As many paintball players take pride to update the design and look of their guns, they go for anodizing their paintball guns. The most common question that comes to mind of the players is how to anodize a paintball gun.

Before going further, you should have a clear knowledge of anodizing the paintball gun.

What is Anodizing?

Anodizing the Paintball Gun

An electrochemical process that transforms the outer layer of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals into a durable and corrosion-resistant finish is called “Anodizing”.

  • This anodized finish can be of one or multiple colors having a cool design with a metallic effect on it.
  • To protect from corrosion, you can use the methods such as anodizing, hydro-dipping, Powder-coated, Spray-painted, or wrapping your paintball gun in vinyl but Anodizing is typically the best option for paintball guns made from aluminum.
  • The players who want to change the colors of their paintball guns, anodizing is the best option.
  • Anodizing does not mean painting your paintball gun, instead anodizing is the process of transforming metal (mainly aluminum) into a porous surface that effectively traps the dyes.
  • This makes aluminum corrosion free and ensures that the color does not fade, dull, or chip as normal paint does.

[Remember]: Extreme anodizing can be a dangerous process if done improperly.

Easy steps Guide to Anodize your Paintball Gun:

Disassemble the Paintball Gun:

The first step in anodizing your paintball gun is to disassemble your paintball gun with care. For better understanding, you can use the instruction manual with a proper guide to avoid any complications.

Clean the Parts:

  • After disassembling your gun, now separate each and every aluminum and non-aluminum part.
  • Clean the parts which you want to anodize with the help of water or a microfiber towel.
  • Make sure to remove all the dirt, grime, and any residual from the aluminum parts to get the best result of anodizing.

Making of Anodized Solution:

Making of Anodized Solution
  • The anodized solution can be made by combining and mixing one part of water into two parts of sulphuric acid.
  • It is a very careful step while pouring this mixture into the bucket to avoid any splash.
  • You can make the required quantity of solution depending on the size of your paintball gun.

[Remember]: The mixture must be thick or deep enough to cover the part placed in the bucket.

Precautionary Measures while making the solution:

  • You should place the bucket on a sturdy or smooth surface such as the floor kitchen, kitchen countertop, or garage, and place some towels around the bucket.
  • The mixture that will be placed into the bucket can stain and damage flooring or countertops if spilled or make a splash.

Making the negative ground with aluminum:

  • The next step is to create a negative ground with the aluminum foil and aluminum wire.
  • For this, you can use a five-inch length of aluminum wire and then make it into a round shape. Now cover this round aluminum wire with aluminum foil.
  • Now dip the round shape into the bottom of the rubber bucket. Make sure to hang the other end of the aluminum wire out of the bucket.
  • Now attach the aluminum wire to the negative terminal of the battery charger and attach the battery charger’s positive lead to the aluminum piece with help of a clamp.

[Remember]: Make sure to firmly grasps the clamp with the aluminum piece.

Process of Anodizing the parts:

  • Place the Paintball ball gun parts into the bucket having an acid solution and do not allow the positive and negative leads to touching.
  • Now turn on the charger and allow the aluminum piece to dip in the mixture for a few minutes.
  • Do not worry if the bubbles come out of the bucket. You have to wait for stopping the bubbling of the aluminum pieces.
  • Now turn off the battery charger and disconnect all parts. Take out the parts of the gun and rinse off a warm microfiber towel.

Costing of Anodizing a Paintball Gun:

If you think that anodizing a paintball gun is cheap then you are wrong, but if you truly want to care about the appearance of your gun then you have to spend some money.

How much does paintball gun anodizing cost?

This answer varies greatly depending on the number of parts you want to anodize, the number of colors you want to anodize, and whether you want any special designs.

A rough estimation of about $100 to $450 can spend depending upon your choice.

Anodizing Cause Damage to Paintball Gun?

The answer is No. If you use the anodizing service within a careful and controlled environment then it does not cause any damage to the paintball gun.

Want to remove the anodizing color?

If you want to remove the anodized color from the Paintball gun parts, then clean the aluminum part and remove all the dirt, residuals, and other contaminants with the help of soap and water or a cleaner.

  • Now place the parts of the gun in a non-metallic container.
  • Spray the part evenly with cleaner. Make sure all surfaces are covered.
  • You may see paint seeping away from the aluminum.
  • Scrubbing the parts with an old toothbrush or cleaner. Rinse all parts in clean water.
  • Polish with a mild abrasive and a toothbrush. Now you can see the deionized parts.

Final Verdict:

We have tried to cover almost every aspect of anodizing, re-anodizing, and de-anodizing the metallic parts of the Paintball gun. We hope it will add some extra information to your knowledge.

Thanks for reading!

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