How to make a paintball gun more accurate and powerful?

Do you want to make your paintball gun more Powerful? Do you also want to make your paintball gun more lethal?

Many critical factors enhance the accuracy and power of your paintball marker. Sometimes your accuracy problem might be caused by the paintballs rather than the paintball gun.

There could be a problem with your barrel or paintballs which are not fitted into the bore size.

There may be too much paint, oil, or dirt in your gun, loader, barrel, or pods which affects your accuracy. You always remember these things in mind to make your paintball gun more accurate.

In this blog, we will try to do our best to cover all the necessary steps that will help you to improve your paintball gun accuracy.

So, Let’s begin!

Use High-Quality Paintballs:

  • By using High-Quality Paintballs, you can definitely improve the accuracy and power of your paintball guns.
  • Do not need to use the most expensive paintballs.
  • Using fresh and High-quality paintballs is the best way to increase accuracy. Even if you are the best shooter if your paintballs are of low quality then definitely, your accuracy will be bad.

[Pro Tip]: My suggestion is to avoid using cheap paintballs of low quality. These all might cause imperfection in your game. These imperfections will ruin your overall accuracy of the gun and might cause a ball chop or barrel break.

Switch from CO2 (Carbon dioxide) to HPA (High-Pressure Air):

  • If you are still using CO2 to power your paintball gun, it needs to be switched from CO2 to HPA. 
  • Switching to HPA (High-Pressure Air) is a very effective way to improve your overall accuracy as it provides a much more consistent output pressure as compared to CO2.
  • In Actual, HPA is simply compressed air in a tank, whereas CO2 is a liquid form of gas that transforms into a gas whenever Paintball is fired.
  • HPA is just a compressed gas that is less volatile and cleaner than CO2. It is far more consistent when it comes to pressure and temperature. That means more reliable firing, more accuracy, and greater consistency.

Upgrade Your Barrel:

  • A common question among people involved in paintball is: “Does a larger barrel increase accuracy in paintball?” and the answer is yes.
  • If you want to make your paintball harder in terms of accuracy then it depends upon which paintball gun you own.
  • If you upgrade your paintball gun or just barrel, it will enhance the accuracy. This is because most paintball guns come with a low-quality stock barrel when it comes out of the box.
  • These low-quality stock paintball barrels mostly come with a low amount of porting. Upgrading your paintball barrel will reduce your shooting sound power and the worth of your paintball gun.
  • Purchase a complete paintball barrel kit with a variety of bore-size options to choose from.
  • When you shoot a paintball through the gun, factors like strong winds create balancing issues and hence the accuracy will drop. If you have a long-sized barrel, it will help for a better angle.

Clean Your paintball gun:

If you feel inaccuracy in the paintball guns then one of the main causes is the residual dirt getting into the gun and its barrel.

  • You can keep your gun and loader clean with the help of hot water and then dry them with a microfiber towel.
  • The oil should be topped up and the O-rings replaced if necessary.

Use the Correct Bore Size Barrel:

By moving forward, the next step to increasing the accuracy of your paintball gun is to use the correct bore size of the barrel to match your paintballs. 

  • When the paintball barrel is under the bore size of your paintballs, it is called under boring and over-boring is when your barrel is over the bore size of your paintballs.
  • Many players think that having a paint-to-bore match is the most effective way to increase the accuracy of your paintball gun, but there has been some controversy on whether under-boring or over-boring is better for perfect accuracy.
  • It also depends mainly on the quality of the paintballs and the cleanliness of the barrel.

Check the functionality of every component of the Paintball Gun:

  • The last step to making your paintball gun as accurate as possible is to make sure everything inside of your Paintball is functioning correctly.
  • If you suddenly feel some faulty thing or activity with your gun, you should probably need to be fixed or replaced.
  • Make sure to clean your marker regularly, apply lubricant and oil when it’s needed, and replace your O-rings when they need to be replaced.

Final Verdict:

There are many factors that will affect the accuracy of paintball guns as we discussed earlier, so Cleaning and Inspecting your paintball guns will lead you to a smooth and optimal paintball gamer.

We have covered almost every step of how to make your paintball gun more strong, more powerful, and more accurate. We hope it will add some information to your knowledge for making a better purchase decision.

As we all know, Practice makes a man perfect, so it will also help you to be the best of your paintball greatness.

Thanks for reading!

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