How to refill Co2 Paintball Tanks? The Ultimate Guide 2024

There are many questions that arise when you are having a paintball gun. The most common question is how to refill Co2 paintball tanks.

  • In paintball games, it is expected a shortage of gas because it involves a lot of shooting. The hurdle of shorting the gas during the game is very crucial for the game lover. So, the next thing you will be thinking of is the air compressor and how to refill your CO2 tank.
  • If you are at home enjoying the game, and your tank runs out of gas then how can you refill it?
  • Filling paintball cylinders is one of the easiest tasks. You just need to know how to choose the right air compressor and the correct steps to follow.

The three most common air compressors are:

  • High Pressure Compressed Air (HPA) – contains high-pressure oxygen stored as a gas.
  • Compressed carbon dioxide is usually a liquid that turns into gas when released from a cylinder or when fired.
  • Pure Nitrogen 

How to refill Co2 Paintball Tanks at Home:

How to refill Co2 Paintball Tanks

Refilling your paintball tank at home is fast, easy, and convenient.

The HPA cylinder compressor is of course different from the CO2 cylinder compressor.

[Pro Tip]: The only reminder you need is never to use your tire compressor to refill your paintball tank. 

Indication of Tank PSI:

  • An indicator is placed to show how much PSI it should contain. The maximum limit is usually 4500PSI, so you should not exceed this value.
  • In case you have a CO2 tank, the tank should first be cooled to stabilize the temperature inside the tank. This will help you to fill the gas easily.

Connection of Nozzles:

Make sure to connect the tanks and the compressor’s nozzles with no air leaks.

Slowly Fill the Tank:

Once you attached the nozzles, slowly release the air into the tank. You can do this by pushing the lever onto the compressor. Some compressors are equipped with buttons, so pay attention to them.

Paintball air tanks only have 3000 or 4500 PSI as per the category to which your tank belongs. During refilling, you will see the gauge moving high.

Prevent from Quick Filling:

Our major mistake is to fill the tank too quickly. This happens if you press the handle or button too hard.

  • The air just enters the compressor and into your tank, causing the gauge to rapidly rise. Can cause dangerous results.
  • To prevent all of these, keep the process slow.

Release the Pressure Slowly:

  • After air filling has been done, the air compressor would still have some excessive air to be transferred into the tank.
  • This air should be released via the valve that is attached to the air compressor. After Pushing, you will allow all the extra air to burst out.
  • Lack of pressure relief can be problematic because it means that there is still air flowing through the hose when the pressure is released. This can be damaging to the tank, especially to the fill nipple.

Detach the Hose:

  • Once the pressure has been released, you can disconnect the hose from the filling connection.
  • In conclusion, refilling the tank is a simple task that does not require professional help. The most important thing is to know how to combine everything correctly.

Final Verdict:

Refilling your paintball gun air tank is a simple task that you can easily do on your own. You will find this process easy as you get used to it.

We have covered almost every aspect of How to fill your CO2 air tanks precisely, hoping it will add some information to your knowledge to make a better purchasing decision.

Thanks for reading!

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