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How Much Do Pro Paintballers Make

How Much Do Pro Paintballers Make?

Becoming a professional paintball player seems like a dream job to enthusiasts. You get paid to travel competing on competing teams at thrilling tournaments across the globe. But how lucrative is pro-level … Read more
how to win paintball game

How to Win Paintball Game: Mastering the Game and Tactics

Paintball is an intense and exciting sport that continues to grow in popularity across the world. Whether you play casually with friends or compete in tournaments. However, the chaos of … Read more
paintball or airsoft

Which Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft?

Paintball and airsoft are two popular shooting sports that involve firing spherical projectiles to eliminate opposing players. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of paintball and airsoft, … Read more
best paintball guns under 200

Best Paintball Guns Under 200 – Best Top Rated Marker in 2023

Paintball is an exciting adrenaline-filled sport that allows you to simulate military battle scenarios or just have fun with friends. To get the most out of your paintball experience, having … Read more
HPA vs CO2

HPA vs CO2: Airsoft Shootout Decoding the Best Air Systems for Your Game

Airsoft has gained popularity as an exhilarating sport, where players engage in simulated combat using replica firearms that shoot non-lethal pellets. Choosing the right air system for your airsoft gun … Read more
Paintball vs Laser tag

Paintball vs Laser Tag: Which One Offers the Best Action and Adventure?

Paintball and laser tag have quickly become two popular choices among thrill-seekers and gamers, offering the thrills of both action and adventure in equal measures. Both offer unique experiences combining … Read more

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how to make paintball team

How to Make a Paintball Team: A Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Paintball is an exhilarating and fast-paced sport that becomes even more thrilling when you have an organized team competing together. There’s nothing quite like the camaraderie and pride of being … Read more
how to clean paintball gun

How To Clean A Paintball Gun? A Pro Guide! 2023

Cleaning a paintball gun is kind of like brushing your teeth. Paintball guns have a shorter time span if neglected than one which is properly cleaned and oiled timely. The … Read more
what is paintball gun

What is Paintball Gun and How does it work?

If you have a keen interest in Paintball Guns and want to know how they work then you should have knowledge about the complete procedure from loading the paintballs to … Read more
How to make a paintball gun more accurate and powerful

How to make a paintball gun more accurate and powerful?

Do you want to make your paintball gun more Powerful? Do you also want to make your paintball gun more lethal? There are many critical factors that enhance the accuracy … Read more
What are Pepper Balls

What are Pepper Balls? 8 Things You Should Need to Know

Pepper balls are tiny sphere-shaped projectiles that are often loaded with powdered capsaicin. Law enforcement and security workers employ pepper balls of non-lethal ammunition type to manage crowds or dangerous … Read more

What To Wear For Paintball? The Easy Guide

Paintball is a fun and exciting outdoor sport that people of all ages can enjoy. One of the most important things to think about when getting ready for a paintball … Read more