What is Paintball Gun and How does it work?

If you have a keen interest in Paintball Guns and want to know how they work then you should have knowledge about the complete procedure from loading the paintballs to firing at your opponent.

Actually, these are the guns that allow making a perfect angle when the paintball is fired at your desired target.

In this article, we will cover almost all the components of paintball guns that will definitely help you to increase your knowledge about their types, parts and working to make you a better decision for purchase.

What is Paintball Gun?

“Paintball guns are actually air guns used in sports and shooting games.”. It is also known as “Paintball Marker” or simply “Marker”.

paintball gun

What are the mainparts of a paintball gun and how does it work?

  • A paintball gun has a barrel that is attached to the gun.
  • This barrel has the capacity to load multiple paintballs so you can easily keep firing on the opponent’s target without any hurdle.
  • In general, a paintball gun works with the help of compressed air (often CO2), used to release paintballs out of the gun to the target.
  • The compressed gas can be carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2), or Ordinary air which is stored in small cartridges or large tanks that are attached to the gun.
  • The hopper is also attached to the gun which holds the paintballs.
  • Different Paintball guns have different firing systems, but the idea of firing is the same in all.
  • The gun is made in such a way so that the paintball passes through the hopper and enters into the barrel attached to the gun, then a small burst of compressed gas pushes the paintball from behind with much greater force than the air on the other side of the paintball, so the paintball is pushed towards your target.

Are Paintball Guns Safe?

For the safety of the Paintball guns game, the shooting power of paintball guns is strictly limited. The guns in the play game are adjusted according to safety the top speed of the fired paintball is 300 feet (91 m) per second which are not dangerous for use.

A paintball having this speed does not cause any hazardous injury if it hits your body, although it will leave a bruise on your skin, also the wind creates an impact to slow down the speed of the paintball if it is fired from a greater distance.

The paintball players should ware head helmets with a proper body kit to avoid the risk of injury during playing.

Types of Paintball Guns:

Mostly, there are two types of paintball guns.

  1. Electronic Paintball Guns
  2. Mechanical Paintball Guns

Electronic Paintball Guns:

electronic paintball guns

How does an electronic paintball gun work?

In general terms, the electronic weapons discharge paintballs as indicated by the shooting program you have set in the paintball.

If you are thinking about how an electronic paintball gun works? then you should know the most basic component of this gun i.e. “Electronic Circuit sheets” which are one of the accurate and error-free pieces of an electronic paintball.

  • They work as the control board to allow the paintball to make an accurate angle at the target.
  • Nowadays, most people are inclined to buy electronic paintball guns because they are more exact, accurate, and steady. You do not need to reload each and every time you shoot a paintball.
  • You can shoot multiple paintballs with consistency at your desired target. This a good addition for the players of the Paintball game.
  • Although Electronic Paintball Markers are much more advanced and easier to use for beginners at the same time it is much more costly than Mechanical ones.
  • But don’t worry, you can purchase second-hand and used Electronic Paintball guns for a less and more affordable amount.  

Mechanical Paintball Guns:

mechanical paintball gun

How Does Mechanical Paintball Gun work? Is it easy to use as compared to Electronic One?

As its name implies, a mechanical paintball gun must be arranged precisely for the exact angle at the target.

  • One of the disadvantages of a mechanical marker is that it can just shoot single shots. This will make you need to reload all the time again and again. In such a case, your shooting time could be delayed.
  • Furthermore, mechanical paintball guns produce a relatively slow speed as compared to electronic ones. The majority of the machine guns have a speed of 200ft/sec which is more lethargic while playing games.

Is a mechanical weapon not great for playing paintball?

The answer is a Big No. If something has cons, at the same time it might have some pros.

  • In this case, Mechanical Paintball guns are very easy to use for beginners.
  • It is relatively less expensive and affordable for the people, and also easy to set up and use.
  • In case you are a beginner and want to practice with a new paintball gun, then purchasing a mechanical marker is the best option.


Knowing how a paintball gun works will help you to aim and shoot correctly and decide what kind of gun to use before playing paintball. The markers are identical in concept, but the slight differences in mechanism make the game easier for you. If you choose the right marker for the right aiming style, you will be able to shoot your opponents on the field!

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